Whole of Life Insurance

Pays out a lump sum whenever you die

What is Whole of Life Insurance?

Whole of Life Insurance pays out a lump sum whenever you die, provided your premium payments are up-to-date. Because we all have to go sooner or later, it is inevitably more expensive than term insurance, which only provides cover over an agreed number of years.

Do I need whole of life insurance?

Whole of life insurance is usually taken out by people who are looking to reduce the potential burden of inheritance tax on their families or other beneficiaries named in their will. It provides a lump sum which can be used to pay off inheritance tax, thus preventing assets such as a much-loved family home from having to be sold to foot the tax bill. Others may simply wish to invest in whole of life insurance as a way of leaving an inheritance; this may be especially important if the policy holder wishes to secure the long term financial future of a family member who has a serious disability.

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