Children flown the nest

Life Insurance coverage can preserve your retirement income

Children flown the nest?

You may think once your children have flown the nest, why do you still need life insurance? Many still have financial burdens such as a mortgage, that could become a burden if a spouse died or become disabled.

Life insurance coverage can preserve the retirement plan you worked so hard to put in place and ensure your estate will be passed on, intact, to your survivors. A policy’s death benefit can help provide a legacy for your children and grandchildren, even if you use up most of your assets during your lifetime.

What our customers say

Put me at ease

The advisor was very good, put me at ease and explained everything in plain english

-Ms Stamp

Process so easy

Rebwar was a pure gentleman, he made the process so easy. Thank you x

-Mr Kulczycki

Very efficient

Very efficient and easy, kept informed every step of the way

-Mr Piese

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