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Inspired Protect help to make the task of finding the right insurance product to protect you and your family as hassle-free as possible.

What stage of life are you?


Life Insurance is not just for those who are married or have children. If you provide financial support for ageing parents or siblings, or have substantial debt, these are just a few good reasons to take out cover even if you are single.

Established family

What would happen if you died suddenly? Would you children have to drop out of college or university? Would your spouse or partner be forced to drastically cut back on the family’s lifestyle? Life Insurance can protect this from happening

New family

When you’re starting a family you face perhaps the most daunting financial pressures you’ll encounter at any stage of life. Protecting your loved ones if anything should happen to you gives you peace of mind

Children flown the nest

You may think once your children have flown the nest, why do you still need life insurance? Many still have financial burdens such as a mortgage, that could become a burden if a spouse died or become disabled.


How much cover do I need?

The amount of cover you need depends on your own personal circumstances. If you have loved ones, for instance, you need to consider how much money they’ll need to get by. And if you have a mortgage or any debts, you should consider how much is required to pay them off.

How long do I need my cover to last?

The length of time you need your life insurance policy to cover depends on how much money you think you might need at different stages in your life. You might have a partner, children, or other loved ones who rely on you financially, or a mortgage, or loans and credit cards to pay off.

Should I put my cover in Trust?

By placing your life-insurance policy in trust, the proceeds from the policy can be paid directly to the beneficiaries rather than to your legal estate, and will therefore not be taken into account when inheritance tax is calculated. This is a very tax efficient way to ensure your loved ones get what you want

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Life Cover frequently asked questions

Why should I buy life insurance?

For many people, life insurance is an excellent way to protect the things that mean the most to you – such as making sure your family’s financial future is more secure if something unexpected happens to you.

How much will life insurance cost me?

Your premiums are based on lots of things, such as your age, height and weight; your health; whether you’re employed in a high-risk occupation; and whether you smoke.

How long should I take out life insurance for?

It’s really entirely up to you. We offer a minimum term of five years and a maximum term of your entire life. Whole of Life insurance, pays out when you die, no matter if you are 70 years old or 99 years old.

How does life insurance work?

If you die the insurance company pays your family, or whoever you named as the beneficiaries, the amount of money specified in the policy.

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